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Brenda's Norway/Iceland Adventure Trip (11 Days) September 13th, 2018

Expect a once in a lifetime experience as we take you through the highlights of both of these incredible countries. Our next Departure is this September the 13th!

Find out why this has become one of our most popular trips with all of our members! We are Scandinavians that take pride in showing our fellow Floridians an experience of a lifetime. From the breathtaking fjords of Norway all the way into Iceland's Famous Blue Lagoon; We will have you lost for words with these spectacular landmarks.

Blue Lagoon

If you have gone with us before you have experienced the wonders of the Blue Lagoon. Studies have shown that the minerals inside of this lagoon have antioxidants along with outstanding health benefits. Jump in and have a cold cocktail as we talk about our journeys through Norway.

This Famous train ride is filled with spectacular sights as you venture through the fjords and waterfalls on your way to Oslo.

Bergen Train

Total Price : $3,167.00 pp in DBL plus airfare.

How can you Sign up for our next Norway/ Iceland Adventure?

Visit us at

Full Itinerary:

Our next departure is September 13th, 2018

Join us on a once in a lifetime experience!


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